Terms of Use


These Terms of Use regulate the access and use of the services offered by BF Entertainment Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Ghana.


"Account" means the account opened by a Customer when registering for the Services.

"Bet" means any real money bet placed on any of the Services.

"Company", "we", "us" and "our" means BF Entertainment Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Ghana.

"Customer", "you" and "your" means a person using the Services.

"Services" means the services offered via the Site and its associated BetFox branded websites and mobile applications, including but not limited to sports betting and virtual games.

"Site" means our website www.betfox.com.gh and all associated subdomains and alternate domains.

"Ticket" means each individual bet slip submitted in our sports betting product containing one or more bets.

Changes to these Terms

From time to time we may need to make changes to these Terms of Use. In case of material changes we will give you sufficient notice prior to such changes taking effect. For minor or insubstantial changes we may not notify you and the changes will take effect once published on our Site.

Legal Requirements

The use of our Services may be illegal in certain countries including, for example, the USA. You are responsible for determining whether use of the Services is compliant with applicable laws in the jurisdiction in which you are located at the time of usage.


The minimum withdrawal is GHS 2 (two cedis).

The minimum stake per bet is GHS 0.01 (one pesewa). At times we might demand a minimum stake of GHS 0.10 (ten pesewas) instead.

The maximum payout per ticket is GHS 1,000,000 (one million cedis), including the stake and any bonuses. If you place multiple identical bets/tickets, this limit applies to their aggregated payout amount.

Different limits apply for Virtual Games and such limits can be requested within the respective game.


To be able to use our Services you must first open an Account. Doing so, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old and retain the legal capacity to enter into an agreement with the Company. Any Customer who is identified as having been using our Services prior to reaching the minimum legal age, will have all winnings forfeited, also retroactively, and his Account closed.

Each account is linked to a Ghanaian mobile phone number and each person may only open one Account. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that a Customer opened multiple Accounts in bad faith, e.g. to circumvent betting limits or for promotion abuse, we reserve the right to close such Accounts (even if they were opened using different identities) and cancel any bets, also retroactively.

It is your responsibility to choose a secure password and keep it secret as we shall not be liable for any damage caused by an unauthorised third party gaining access to your Account.

Should your Account become dormant, i.e. not be used to access our Services for a period of more than 12 months, we reserve the right to debit a monthly administration fee of up to GHS 20 (twenty cedis) as long as your Account has any funds remaining and after previously notifying you via SMS.

You can request the closure or suspension of your Account at any time by contacting our customer service. You can also request for your account to be re-opened at any later time which request will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis and depending on your reason stated at the time of the closure and the then current situation, e.g. in cases relating to a closure for reasons relating to responsible gaming.

Verification Procedures

From time to time we will verify the personal details you provided us with. As part of these checks we may also ask you to provide additional details or documentation, including but not limited to notarised copies of your identification documents and any other documents that can be used to verify your residential address and ownership of payment accounts you used.

Should we discover that a Customer provided us deliberately with false details, we may disable the Account and retain any monies deposited.


Generally payments can only be done via mobile money from/to the mobile money wallet registered under the same mobile phone number as your Account. At our own discretion we may however decide to accept deposits or process any of your withdrawal request through other means of payment, e.g. bank transfer or cheque. However, any deposits and withdrawals can only be done from/to payment accounts owned by yourself.

Any monies deposited need to be used for betting before they are withdrawn again. We reserve the right to deduct a processing fee of 8% from any unused deposit amounts that are requested for withdrawal.

Processing of withdrawals often happens instantly and we strive to process all withdrawal requests within two business days. While we are awaiting additional information or documentation from you, all your withdrawal requests will remain pending until the correspondence has been returned and approved by us.

Withdrawals might have to be split into multiple transactions over a number of days, based on payment provider limits.

Any payment or credit made to your Account as a result of an error shall be held in trust by you for our benefit and shall not be withdrawn from your Account. You shall return all amounts paid in error to us promptly upon our demand, also if they have been withdrawn in the meantime. We reserve the right to confiscate and recover all amounts paid to you in error.

Bet Placement

We strongly advise you to go through our Betting Rules before using our Services. The Betting Rules, apart from providing other information, describe the types of bets which can be placed. We reserve the right to amend the Betting Rules from time to time.

A bet is only placed once it is confirmed with a unique ticket number and cannot be changed or cancelled thereafter. We may decide to accept or refuse any bet slips submitted by you at our own discretion.

For combination and system bet slips the maximum payout shown in the bet slip prior to submission is an estimate and the actual payout can differ slightly due to rounding differences.

Bet Settlement

All bets are settled based on our Betting Rules as soon as the official results of an event are available. We reserve the right to withhold payment and to declare all bets on an event void if we have evidence that the integrity of such event has been called into question or match rigging has taken place. Evidence may be based on the size, volumes or pattern of bets placed with us across any or all of our betting channels.

There is a general limit on the net loss the Company might incur per calendar day. Should the amount we payout for bets on a single calendar day minus all stakes of such bets exceed GHS 2,000,000 (two-million cedis), we shall be entitled to make a pro rata reduction of winnings for all Customers who won more than GHS 2,000 (two-thousand cedis) on that day.

All payouts are mathematically rounded to the next full pesewa when credited to your Account.


From time to time we might run promotions that are resulting in the award of free bets, bonus monies or other promotional offers to our Customers. All promotions are available at our discretion and we reserve the right to restrict the availability of a promotion to any person at any time. Each promotion will be governed by its own promotional terms which take precedence over these general terms.

If we become aware of a Customer who, in the course of participating in a promotion, has become able to guarantee profits with no or only minimal risk, and/or benefits from a promotion by participating through more than one Account, and/or displays irregular or unusual playing or betting patterns which we deem to be abusive, we may elect to do any one or more of the following: (i) close the involved Account(s); (ii) invalidate the bets which were in contravention of this term; and/or (iii) withhold any free bets, bonus monies or other offers we would usually award in the course of the promotion.


In case of any systems or communications errors (by way of example but not limited to: bugs, faulty codes, loopholes and back doors) we will not be liable to you as a result of any such errors and we reserve the right to correct all transactions and void all related bets or re-settle them at the correct price that should have been available at the time the bet was placed.

This also includes but is not limited to any bets placed at prices that are significantly dissimilar from those available in the general market, exceeding our payout limits, or containing a combination of outcomes that have a dependency.


We comply with all applicable data protection and privacy laws of Ghana.

Information Collected

When opening and using your Account, specific personal data might be collected, including, but not limited to: mobile number, first and last name, date of birth, home or another physical address, e-mail address, or any other information you submit to us via email or any other channel.

In addition, we may collect and log a record of all telephone calls, internet communications, details of transactions you carry through the Site and details of your visits to the Site.

Disclosure of Information

We will disclose personal data when ordered to do so by any governing authority and/or under any legal provision contained in the governing law. We will also disclose information as required to enforce our Terms of Use.

We may further retain affiliated companies and trusted third parties to process your information to provide us with services, including for customer support, information technology, fraud detection, payments, sales, marketing, data analysis, research and surveys. As part of our agreements with our partners, we may be required to share your information for the purposes of calculating fees and benefits owed.

Communication and Marketing

We reserve the right to process your personal data for marketing purposes. By opening an Account, you consent to us contacting you through any and all means of communication (whether in written or verbal form and including, but not limited to email, telephone and SMS) in respect of matters relating to your account, including for marketing purposes. You can opt-out from any marketing communication by contacting us.

Data Removal

In accordance with our legal obligations, all personal details saved in our system will only be deleted at your express request after the expiration of seven (7) years from the date of the latest transaction on your Account.

Additional Terms


We may refuse to register you as a Customer or elect to close or suspend your Account at any time, for any reason or for no reason whatsoever. You acknowledge that we have no obligation to provide you with prior notice of our decision to do so, nor are we required to furnish you with any reasons for such decisions.

Upon closure of your Account we will usually refund you any residual credit balance in the Account. If the Account has been closed due to an infringement pursuant to the Terms of Use or to a prohibited behaviour leading to collusion, fraud or whatsoever criminal activity, the residual credit balance may however be forfeited. The same procedure will be applied to open bets that result in payouts.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content and material on the Site is provided for your own personal (i.e. not for business) usage and the distribution, reproduction or commercial exploitation of such content and material in any manner whatsoever without our express written consent is prohibited.

No Warranty

The Services are provided 'as is' and we make no warranties or representations, whether express or implied (whether by law statute or otherwise) including but not limited to implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, non-infringement, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or compliance with applicable laws or regulations.

The entire risk of as to the use, quality and performance of the Services is yours. We make no warranty that the Services will meet your requirements, be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, that defects will be corrected or that the software or server that makes them available are free from viruses or bugs.

We reserve the right to add, modify, suspend or remove to our Services and games or functionality at our own discretion with immediate effect and without notice.


We do not warrant the constant availability and functionality of our Services and may not be held liable for any damages, losses, costs, loss of profits or any other disadvantage you may incur in connection with any non-availability of any of our Services. We further assume no liability for correctness, completeness or up-to-dateness of any of the information provided in relation to our Services.

You hereby accept that by using the Services, there is a risk that you may, as well as winning money, lose money. You agree that your use of the Services is at your own risk and we accept no responsibility and shall not be liable for any consequences that are alleged to have occurred through your use, or misuse, of the Services.

If and only to the extent that the previous paragraph does not apply, the maximum liability of the Company (and/or our third party service providers, to the extent relevant) to you arising out of or relating to the Services and/or the Terms of Use, whether for breach of contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise shall be limited to the average balance held in your Account in the previous six months (or the term of the Account in the case of Accounts open for less than six months).


You agree to indemnify and hold us and our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents and employees harmless from any liabilities, claims, losses or damages (including legal fees), caused as a result of your negligence or other fault on your part, that may arise as a result of or in connection with inappropriate or unauthorised access to and use of the Services by you or by anyone else accessing your Account and/or breach by you of any of the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use.


If any provision of these Terms of Use is held to be invalid, void or unenforceable by reason of any law, rule, administrative order or judicial decision, that provision will be, to the extent strictly necessary, severed from the remaining terms and conditions and that determination shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use. In the case of the severance of any terms, the part deemed invalid or unenforceable shall be amended in a manner consistent with the applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, the original intent in these Terms of Use.


In the event of any dispute, our records (e.g. database and server logs) shall act as the final arbiter in determining the outcome of any claim.

If you have a complaint relating to an aspect of the provision of our gaming services being potentially unlawful, or conducted in a manner which is not safe, fair or transparent, and you remain dissatisfied by the final outcome of our investigation, then you can also ask our regulator, the Gaming Commission of Ghana, to investigate.

Governing Law

These Terms of Use are governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of Ghana and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ghana to settle any disputes (including claims for set off and counterclaims) which may arise in connection the creation, validity, effect, interpretation or performance of, or the legal relationships established by or otherwise arising in connection with these Terms of Use.

Last Update: 31 March 2023

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